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Thursday, February 18, 2010

When Signing Up: read the fine print... and the back page!

Being LavaLark's first blog host, we found the Blogger site to be quite user-friendly. Any difficulties that we may have come across would be because of our own impulsive clicking (or skip-clicking).

The Blogger site provides you with step-by-step set up, but we do know that most people do not read or go thru each step with zeal. Often times this attitude would let a user miss out on features that may help them fully utilize the account which they have signed up for.

In LavaLark's opinion, you definitely need to know what you are about to sign up for. Treat each "Yes, I want to Sign Up!" button as your signature. Often people would dismiss reading the fine print, then complain once their expectations were cut short or they "innocently" violated some rule that caused their accounts to be shutdown.

Also, be wary on which site you entrust your information to, even the false ones. It may haunt you in the future and you might end up in a very compromising position.

So read, try even research. And if you've already signed up, do what we're doing right at this very moment with Blogger: explore!


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