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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Site Ads: blog click ka-ching!

A lot of blogs nowadays have extra widgets that says "Ads by Google" or "Click here to win prize!"  (for the unfamiliar, a widget is an added box/feature in a blog lay out for easy access of information or tool). Back in the old days, we simply take pleasure in reading entries/ blog post and find those banner ads annoying and complain to the blog-owners what about them taking up most of the content space. Of course the bloggers wouldn't tell you much about them or do anything for that matter. These ads are, in fact, extra-income generating tools. However the "earning" part is dependent on the traffic a specific blog can attract, of course advertisers wouldn't be too care-free where to invest their funds in. They would need sites which attracts consistently-increasing visitor numbers, not necessarily readers, so their names can be seen and possibly their linked could be clicked on, their site visited, strong recall on potential consumers. Advertising done thru social media! Brilliant. Possibly earning extra dough while writing about whathaveyous? Genius.

To get a nutshell understanding on how it works, click play the video below (from Smowtion Media):

However, interested blogger and blogger-clicker friend beware. The Google people are a lot smarter than you think, they can very well track down where the clicks come from and if clicks are done too often to the point of becoming suspicious. This may very well be the end of your Adsense treasure future, indefinitely.

So how do you instead make profits out of Adsense without literally telling people to click on your ads? Here are some tips.

  1. Add a blog roll on your page. This increases the flow of traffic on your blog, eventually visitor would click on the ads if they find it interesting. Of course, advise the other blog owner that you'll add them to the list, so they can too add you. Both of you can benefit from this exchange, also spreading some virtual camaraderie on the net.
  2. Exercise and expand your content writing. The more posts you have, the more content, the more keywords, the more chances that your site end up in search engines, the more possibility a random visitor will get into your page and click on your ads.
Another thing... patience is a virtue. Adsense is not fast money, it will take months if you're lucky, to get a ROI. But come to think of it, blogs primarily, aren't money making tools, except if you're putting up a online shop. So just relax and focus on content writing skills, who knows, eventually you might just impress a random visitor or two who will be really nice to you and do you a favor.


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